Lea Michele Goes Topless for Her Bed Series!

Lea Michele, Backstage Selfie

Lea Michele is talented and beautiful and she has a powerful fanbase that transcends her work on Scream Queens or even on Glee.

One thing that she shares with her fans — the ones who follow her, anyway — is the occasional set of photos from her Bed Series. And it looks like she’s ramping up the quality … and risque elements.

Because in these three new photos, Lea Michele is completely topless. Good for her! And, you know, good for the people who see them.

Lea Michele has been doing her Bed Series for a while now.

Most of the photos have been taken by a friend, though you can see a considerable upgrade in picture quality in the images below — so it looks like she made good on her suggestion from early in the summer to make some of the images professional.

Lea Michele’s no stranger to taking off her clothes for photos.

Lea Michelle showed off her butt in a skimpy one-piece.

She spoke at the time about her body and her health. For a long time, Lea Michele seemed very unhappy with her appearance after she skyrocketed to fame.

She used to pose distinctively on the red carpet, hunching her shoulders forward to emphasize her collarbones. Collarbones look great, don’t get us wrong, but the fact that she was doing that spoke to … underlying issues regarding her body image.

She’s doing much better now.

Lea Michele posed naked for Women’s Health, and she was fully naked for that — even if her pose provided all of the necessary censorship.

She’s a beautiful actress, and she always has been.

And just this year, Lea Michele welcomed 2017 with a nude photo. She was so nude, in fact, that she had to do a little editing to keep things up to her standards.

She looks …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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