The new “F-word”: Why are we still afraid to call Trump a fascist?

Donald Trump

(Credit: AP/Evan Vucci)

Donald Trump is a fascist and a racial authoritarian. For several years, I have tried to warn the readers of my essays here at Salon and those who listen to my podcast of this fact. Trump has revealed his core values to the world at almost every opportunity. Yet somehow, too many Americans appear stuck on a treadmill of daily shock at his behavior. It is sad to watch. Why is any of this a surprise? Trump is a crude man. He has never been subtle in terms of sharing his values and beliefs.

For example, Trump signaled his presidential aspirations by accusing Barack Obama of being a black usurper born secretly in another country. Perhaps even more insulting to Barack Obama — and by implication to Black America — Trump even dared to suggest that the first black president of the United States was a fraud whose accomplishments and intelligence were the result of imagined unfair advantages somehow (against all empirical evidence to the contrary) granted to black people in the United States. In essence Donald Trump told a black man in the 21st century to “show me your papers,” as though the latter were a slave and Trump a paddyroller on some dusty road in the antebellum South during the early 19th century.

During the 2016 campaign and now as president, Donald Trump has met almost every criteria of a fascist leader adapted to fit American society.

He has as contempt for democratic norms and procedures, and has repeated undermined them;
He has threatened violence against his political enemies;
He espouses militant nationalism;
He is patriarchal, hyper-masculine and misogynist;
He uses racism, ethnocentrism and bigotry to advance his political goals;
He lies compulsively in order to twist reality to his will and keep supporters enthralled;
He stokes a sense …read more


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